The Last Story trailer out, not the last

The latest game from Hironobu Sakaguchi (you know, that guy that’s responsible for many hours of your life), The Last Story, finally has a trailer after a couple of months of concept art, screenshots and many hilarious posts written by Sakaguchi himself.
[img_mid]center,39,2010-07-08/TheLastStory-Logo.jpg,Pretty logo is pretty[/img_mid]

The trailer features the protagonist, some fighting, some cutscenes and a whole lot of epicness! The combat system seems not to be usual JRPG fare, but seems to resemble that of a 3rd person action RPG with a cover system. That looks excellent! Graphically, it looks pretty decent considering it’s exclusively on the Wii.

No official release date has been announced, nor has there been much mention of whether it will be released outside of Japan or not. Judging by the fact that all but one Mistwalker game has been released outside of Japan, I think you can say it’s a safe bet!

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