GTA IV Soundtrack: Vagabond gets a remix (or 5)

playerattack loves game soundtracks, and the Grand Theft Auto IV record is an oft-played highlight. You can imagine our glee then, when Rockstar Games let us know that they’d gotten their hands on five new remixes of GreenskeepersVagabond. In case you’d forgotten, that’s the song that featured heavily in the first tv commercial for the game – here’s a refresher:

Unfortunately for me, all five of the new remixes are only readily available through, who notoriously makes all of their MP3 downloads region-locked! Makes things a bit tricky to support when you don’t live in the US…

If you do live on the right continent, however, this is what you’re in for:

The full list of remix versions:
1. New Original Mix
2. Lucky Date Remix
3. James Curd Shots Fired Mix
4. James Curd Full Mix
5. James Curd Remix Instrumental

As a brief consolation prize, Rockstar have made the 6-minute-plus James Curd Full Mix available in 128kbps MP3 – and that should be available anywhere in the world (I’m listening to it right now in Australia).

And we’re not the only ones slightly miffed: the original post over on the Rockstar Newswire has garnered some interesting responses. While some of them are hopeless fanboy gushing (because, let’s face it, Vagabond is an awesome tune), there’s also a bit of unexpected backlash over the company’s failure to deliver on “The Music of GTA IV: The Lost and Dammed”, announced in mid-2009.

And they have a point – while the free song is ace, it’d be even better if we got the album we were promised. What’s up, Rockstar?

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