Wii Fit recommended for pilots (but not mid-flight)

A Netherlands industrial design graduate student, Nicoline van der Vaart, has outlined a rather practical, if not pilot-saving, use for Wii Fit. Apparently, the pilots in question (ones who fly for Dutch airline KLM) suffer from a great deal of back pain and as such, are often forced to be grounded while they recover. Enter Nicoline’s recommendations. Through some implementation of the Wii Fit balance board, it could be used to help the pilots with their posture and thus reduce the number of pilots having to stay home and nurse their pains.

3rd Generation Vision

We might experience some turbulence while our co-pilot does lunges

Another day is saved by the Wii and Wii Fit. Let’s hope the KLM pilots don’t find playing the Wii more fun than flying. If you wish to see Nicoline’s presentation, it is embedded below!

Source: FlightGlobal.com

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