Videogame condoms: Get 'em on!

These are not for single-player mode (and probably not for work either) – Ben Marsh has designed a series of videogame-themed condoms.

Looks innocent enough...

Looks innocent enough...

The project, a collaboration with Julia Roach, contains six individually themed prophylactics. If that wasn’t already awesome enough, these are then packaged in box shaped like a cardboard Gameboy. I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw that the Large size was labelled “Donkey Shlong”, but I admit that “The Long End of Zelda” got a few chuckles, too.

Ben explains:

The packaging aims create a desire to purchase the product for aesthetic reasons, rather than the necessity of condoms. Simply by owning the product, safe sex is promoted.

Head to Ben’s website to see more pictures – the box contains:
Large – Donkey Shlong
Ribbed – The Long End of Zelda
Heat – Dong
Tingle – Bone Zone 2
Thin – Super Mario Land of Love
X Safe – Sextris

Wait, what?

Wait, what?

I’ve been watching the reactions to these bad boys as they go around the net, and most people seem to be of the opinion that they will “kill the mood” faster than the most intense bullet-hell title – but, honestly, as a girl? I think if you whipped one of these out, you’d definitely get a chance to use it.

(…and if you’re not sure how, Ben’s thoughtfully included NSFW instructions to help out.)

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