Gray Matter may see the light of day

I’m sure for most people enthusiastic about adventure games, the name Jane Jensen should ring a bell or two. Fail that, the wonderful series Gabriel Knight, which she wrote, should be a wonderful memory, even though the last in the series was released over a decade ago. Since then, her main focus has been Gray Matter.
[img_mid]center,36,2010-06-29/Gray-Matter_concept-art_01.jpg,Protagonist A: Samantha Everett[/img_mid]

If you don’t know the awkward history of Gray Matter, let me fill you in. It was announced in 2003 for a Q4 2004 release, was then put on hold until 2006. It was then given a release window of Q4 2007, only to be delayed to Q1 2008. From here it moved to another hold and was set to be released sometime in 2009. Well, now it has a projected release date of October this year, we hope…

[img_mid]center,36,2010-06-29/Gray-Matter_02.jpg,What a pretty dining table[/img_mid]

Judging from all the press attention it received at E3, and all the purdy purdy screenshots that have been released recently, it does seem highly likely that a release is in the near future. We’re hearing rumours of October (the 29th according to, but the publisher, dtp Interactive, are being tight-lipped about it, explaining that a more final release date will be given at Gamescom in August.
[img_mid]center,36,2010-06-29/GrayMatter_PC_018.jpg,Creepy house is creepy[/img_mid]

Gray Matter shall be seeing release on both PC and Xbox 360 – there were talks at one time about a Wii release, but it’s safe to say that’s off the table now. So soon, we shall be playing as Samantha Everett and Dr. David Styles (…or at least, we hope we will be!).

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