Lugaru brings ninja bunnies to the Amiga

Lugaru was already available on PC, Mac and Linux – but if your preferences are a little more oldschool, it will also now run on Amiga.

Developers Wolfire recently released the source code for the game as part of the Humble Indie Bundle, and rabid fan MickJT picked up the project and modified it slightly to run on both AmigaOS 4 and AROS.

…because yes, apparently there are people who still use the Amiga operating system for a variety of reasons (not least because it’s not owned by Microsoft or Apple) – and some of them like to play games.

An early AmigaOS 4 Lugaru build, courtesy of MickJT.

An early AmigaOS 4 Lugaru build, courtesy of MickJT.

MickJT sent his thoughts over to the Wolfire blog, explaining some of the technical details of the project. Included is the revelation that he knows “practically nothing when it comes to any language other than AREXX”.

It’s copy/paste, trial and error, “sh”, “configure” and “Make” for me, and just my general intuition and problem solving skills that can help me to fix any problems.

The adaptation is not finished yet, with a few graphical tweaks required:

Our OpenGL and SDL implementation is quite advanced, but not yet complete, and as such, the texture blending, though supported, doesn’t seem to work as it should and causes the surfaces/ground to be transparent. You can see the bottom of the Skybox image through the ground.

Likewise, I decided it’s best to comment out the blending of the terrains. It looks a lot better now, but of course, the rocky parts of Challenge Mode level 1 are not covered in snow.

AROS is an operating system closely related to the AmigaOS, designed to work on a wider variety of hardware. Yannick Erb has taken MickJT’s Amiga port and adapted it for AROS – and this is how it looks:

Want a copy for AROS? Check out Yannick’s website! To get the source code for Amiga, head to OS4Depot and search for Lugaru.

…and this isn’t the only Humble Indie Bundle heading back in time to retro PCs – we’ve also spotted Aquaria lurking about on AmigaSoft. Pretty nifty, huh?

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