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For a good cause: Charities and such!
Mario Marathon is an annual fan run fundraiser for Child’s Play.

Looking good: Screenshots and new media
Transformers: War for Cybertron trailer rolls out.
Need for Speed World video indicates the game is nigh!
The Force Unleashed 2 trailer serves its purpose well.
Epic Mickey gameplay is a bit shaky, still awesome.
Final Fantasy XIV video switches from alpha to beta.
Alien Breed trailer shows off co-op.
Rock of Ages trailer goes through art history.

Analyse this: They look at the industry
Online Pass will curb used game sales, rebounding the market within two years.
American McGee has some thoughts on the topic, in case you were interested.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
Top five girls to play with your joystick, ahem.
A Life Well Wasted is up to episode six, and you should download it.
A chat with Jimmy Fallon, who knows the score.
“I dream in retro” – this is you on video games.

A Legal Matter: Gamers in court
Moronic story ties accidental shooter to videogames (guns don’t kill people…).

In Development: Games in progress
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will sell 3m, and is the reason for Metal Gear Arcade being delayed.
Halo: Reach will have scalable difficulty in co-op mode.
Kane & Lynch 2 Xbox 360 demo coming to UK July 1, PC demo coming later.
All things Rage from E3.
Double Fine are working on an “original IP”, if pesky job ads are to be believed.
What won’t return in Donkey Kong Country, as much as you may beg.
All things Sims 3 for console at E3.
MDK2 is coming to WiiWare, and an HD version will arrive on PC.
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Console yourselves: PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii
Kinect is playable in US, UK stores, but not very many of them.
Microsoft Zune now takes credit cards – what does this mean for GFW in future?
PlayStation Home’s E3 booth is an ‘enormous success’, in case there was ever any question.

In good company: Business news
Gamasutra Network Jobs, week of June 25.

Comedic Value: Laughter is the best medicine, etc
The Return of Captain N'(bump), at GoNintendo’s Read Only Memory.
Street Fighters on CraigsList (don’t try this at home).
This is useful information, real useful.

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
MMO Roundup: Massively’s week in review.
A bunch of APB images as well as the final box-art.
Divine Souls is ready for their closed beta, Mr. de Mille.

Politically speaking: Gamers are grownups, too!
Who killed videogaming tax relief? …the UK saga continues.

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
Yuki Naka interview: Ivy the Kiwi and a little Sega time travelling.
Former GoldenEye dev is ‘flattered’ by the upcoming remake.
Warren Spector elaborates on just how the 3DS changed his life.
Irrational Games talk about their E3 highlights.
Capcom interviews, “almost live” from E3.
Peter Molyneux thinks Wii, Move are kinda the same – but Kinect is different.
Molyneux also thinks that Black & White with Kinect would be super cool!

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
Mega Man Zero Collection T-shirts are available now!

Compete amongst yourselves: Competitions, pro-gaming, etc
Win Guitar Hero 5, signed by Alice Cooper!

Downloadable Content: Fix it later
LittleBigPlanet gets the Marvel treatment, with a whole bunch of new costumes.
PS3 digital comics store update for June 25.
PS3 video content update, also for June 25.

Cheap Thrills: Games that won’t hurt your wallet
Amazon / Walmart’s weekly deals, from 1up.

Mark your calendars: Events, announcements…
July 12th Game With Fame: Jonathan Davis (that’s the guy from Korn, y’know).
SoniCon! November 5-7 in Plano, Texas.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair could go to PSN, depending on XBLA sales.


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