Team Fortress 2 suffers the wrath of kitty

Team Fortress 2: Kittygedon


It’s one of the signs, y’know. A giant laser death cat of death looming over a battlefield… your days of grinding for achievements in Team Fortress 2 are numbered.

To quickly bring you up to speed – certain gamers have thought themselves a bit clever, creating TF2 maps purely and simply for grinding achievements. They’re not fun places, but they’re not meant to be – masses of respawning enemy bots and piles of supply crates put there simply to maximise points but not enjoyment.

On the surface, achievement_all_v4 looks like just another one of these maps… but this one comes with a twist.

(You probably want to turn your speakers down for that one.)

Want to try this one yourself? Grab the file to have a go locally, or just search through the TF2 server browser for the map name – achievement_all_v4.

Team Fortress 2: Kittygedon


From what we hear, the catpocalypse can be tricky to trigger – and gamer nerds around the globe have been picking through the map to try and work out how it’s done. It looks like you need to have tf_player_allow_use 1 set, and shoot at a trigger point nestled next to either of the respawn cabinets by the stripey walls (you’ll hear a breaking-glass noise when you’ve got the right spot). The appearance of “kittygedon” may crash your server though – so use caution!

To put all of this into context, achievement_all is the name of a genuine series of grinding achievement maps, which means there’s a bunch of unwitting gamers who have had their pleasant day’s stat-farming interrupted by the catpocalypse! (Poor dears…)

Team Fortress 2: Kittygedon


Squishing the rumour that this was all a Valve prank, TF2 creator Robin Walker has gone on the record, stating:

“We would dearly love to be able to claim that as our work, but once again the community shows it’s much smarter than we are. We were in tears in the office here when we watched the first video.

I’m hoping the creator makes him/herself known so we can award them with a community item.”

…ain’t that sweet? Well, sweeter than a giant cat shooting frickin’ lasers out of its eyes and throwing bees at you, at least…

(Images courtesy PC Gamer)

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