CivAnon: No More Turns!

As the worldwide media flogs the dead horse of “gaming addiction”, 2K Games are taking a different tack. Far from denying any psychological qualities of their games, they’re proudly flaunting the fact that Civilization V is more addictive than its predecessors.

A video has recently come to hand that was being shown around E3, featuring a mock support group, CivAnon. Unsurprisingly, the responses among the gaming world are split – some find the whole mess appalling, offensive, and apparently glorifying a serious mental illness, while others have had a few chuckles over a well-intentioned bit of comedy.

Which side of the fence are you on?

Cigarette companies in Australia are legally bound to carry warnings on their packaging, including details about the addictive nature of their product. Are game companies next in line? Should Civilization V be sold in a brown paper bag, only to those who fully understand the repercussions?

The game is due for release in September, gaming addiction clinics are expecting an influx of patients in mid-October.

(…and a cookie for anyone who spotted Sid Meier in the above clip. Cameo placement at its best!)

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