Korea is getting a StarCraft II plane

Correction: Korea is getting two StarCraft II planes. A co-marketing deal between Blizzard and Korean Air will see a B747-400 and a B737-900 taking to the skies wrapped in StarCraft II branding.

Korean Air's StarCraft II-branded aircraft


Originally thought to be merely tie-in transport for the game’s eSports teams, it’s now confirmed that the two aircraft will fly Korean domestic routes as well as taking on some lucky US / European international flights for six months, starting today.

(…you can even get to the airport in style, with four Korean Air limousine buses also covered in StarCraft II livery for the same period.)

The first plane was revealed to 400 industry partners and journalists during a press event for next month’s launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, held – appropriately – at the Korean Air hangar in Seoul yesterday.

Korean Air's StarCraft II-branded aircraft

Bunch’a game-designing reprobates

Believe it or not though, this wasn’t the biggest news from Blizzard to do with the launch. It has been confirmed that there will be no physical copies of StarCraft II sold in Korea (that means no collector’s edition either) – Blizzard will only be releasing the game in that territory via digital download for roughly US$59.

But! You may not have to fork over any cash for the game – Korean gamers with a current World of Warcraft subscription tied to their Battle.net account will be able to play StarCraft II for free!

If juggling a massive RPG and a massive RTS is too time consuming, another potentially cheaper option is purchasing a subscription for StarCraft II. These will be available on a one-day basis (roughly US$2), or month-by-month for around US$10.

To try before you buy, gamers in both South Korea and Taiwan will have access to a ‘public beta’ once the game ships, enabling them to check it all out online for a short time as a sort of demo functionality.

Korean Air's StarCraft II-branded aircraft

Ain’t she a beauty?

…there is also rumoured to be a “pro” version of the game which features LAN capabilities, but it looks like it will only be playable during televised professional competitions. Boo.

The game launches on July 27th.

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