DDR aids in childhood obesity fight

Normally video games are blamed for contributing to the obesity epidemic in the United States – this was not the case for Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution, which has become a part of the physical education program in West Virginian schools.

Through a partnership with Konami, students of the schools are using Dance Dance Revolution in classes to get active and in some cases, shed pounds. Teacher have found that the program was popular among students, as the game appeals to everyone regardless of their athletic abilities.

DDR as a part of PE class? Oh, to be young again.

Using video games to get children excited about physical education was one of many things discussed at the first Physical Education Symposium, a panel consisting of delegates from eight states across the Union. The event was based on the National Physical Activity Plan, released earlier this year.

The event, held in Charleston, just happened to coincide with the West Virginian Dance Dance Revolution competition.

Source: GamePolitics

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