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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
DC Universe screens are simply super
Resident Evil 5 Move video shows the #1 reason why you’d want Move
Twisted Metal gameplay video shows off multiplayer action
The Agency screens are all secret and stuff
Gran Turismo 5 screens will save you a trip to this year’s Car Show
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 trailer is magical
Medal of Honor screens are all about the multiplayer
God of War: Ghost of Sparta screens seek revenge
Puzzle Agent trailer is quirky
Crysis 2 screens show the Big Apple at night
Fist of the North Star trailer informs you that you are already dead
The Rock of Ages trailer doesn’t require a geology degree

Analyse this: They look at the industry
Pachter: 1 million PlayStation Plus subscribers in first year
Pachter: $99 is the sweet spot for Kinect

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
PlayStation Move makes Japanese debut at World Hobby Fair
Bobby Kotick’s #1 wish: Subscription-based Call of Duty
Satoru Iwata on how the 3DS came to be
Yuji Naka talks about life after Sonic and Ivy the Kiwi
It’s video game week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Hardware: Stuff to play games on
Kinect console bundles confirmed, Captain Obvious strikes again
Introducing the 3DS GPU, which is older than you might think
New 360 can auto-shutdown to prevent RROD-like damage so save often
Inside the new 360, no surgeons needed
Wii Vitality Sensor is still in development, to be revealed later
New $199 360 coming in Fall, essentially Arcade version of new slim console

A Legal Matter: Gamers in court
Game Trading Techonology files for common stock offering, developer royalties wept

In Development: Games in progress
Jonathan Toews is your NHL 11 cover athlete no curse, no curse, no curse
Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi for XBLA stuck in 4:3 Offspring and brands absent from Crazy Taxi
Kenji Inafune discusses Dead Rising 2, Frank West’s popularity
Jurassic Park will be a change in direction for Telltale, more serious, etc.
Gears of War 3 Beast Mode detailed basically Locust x Team Fortress 2

Not just for calls: iPhone updates, games and releases
iPhone OS4 now available

In good company: Business news
Tales Studio falling on hard times? Solution: Localise the other 90% of the Tales series

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
Old Republic voiceover script larger than 50 Star Wars novels, and is probably a better read too
Pirates of the Burning Sea expansion coming, real world game will begin if/when BP lights up Gulf spill
DC Universe subscription fee is $US15 a month, Bruce Wayne won’t cover it

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
Kaz Hirai: 3DS not precise enough
Chris Lewis: Xbox 360 only halfway through its life cycle

In the Cloud: Taking computing to the next level
OnLive game prices revealed

Localisation: Merci!
Fist of the North Star gets a truckload more gore for Western release

Advertising: They want you to buy stuff
A look at some of the Canadian Alan Wake ads

Mark your calendars: Events, announcements…
Puzzle Quest 2 hits XBLA on June 30
Gray Matter coming in October

Gran Turismo 5 has Go-Karting and a track editor?
Kinect costs $150 to manufacture

Crackdown 2 demo

Lead & Gold: Gangs of the Wild West


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