Bizarre console wars comic on the way

When I think console wars, I think about spotty teenagers arguing that the console their parents bought them is better due to the need to feel better about only being able to own one machine. When comic writer Ryan Kinnaird thinks console wars, he thinks of scantily clad female anthropomorphisations.

Is he onto something, or just plain disturbed? Come September, you can be the judge when the comic book miniseries Next Gen Warz is launched.

Next Gen Warz stars FoxBox630 and ESexy3, two video game consoles who have come to life in female form.

Speaking to Newsarama, Kinnaird set the scene for the story;

Essentially this story is my spoof on the eternally told video game console war going on currently. It’s a two issue miniseries about a guy who’s a hardcore gamer, but when his original next-gen console dies, he invests in a different one while his old one is being fixed. When the old one returns, the two rival “consoles” come into contact, and the battle begins. The big spin in the story is that the consoles are actually female characters, with competitive personalities, and a desire to be known as the best. The battle itself takes several of the tropes from the video game world, like fanboys, outspoken developers, and spin doctoring hardware manufacturers and has the consoles use that as ammunition against one another. The consoles battle to show who is most “giga,” and demonstrate who is most desirable. In flame war-like fashion they summon developers and video game characters to help demonstrate their superiority.

Next Gen Warz will be available from September 22.

Source: Newsarama (via Kotaku)

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