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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
Gran Turismo 5 screens show night and day
Monkey Island 2 trailer
Fable III screens detail how Albion has changed
Hydrophobia trailer will leave you drenched
Rage screens will make you rage about the 12 month wait
Man vs. Wild trailer brings out the animal in you
River City Soccer Hooligans trailer stars Kunio-kun
Pac-Man Party trailer will give you Pac-Man fever

E3 2010: That’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo!
E3 2011 scheduled for June 7-9, 45,600 at this year’s show

Analyse this: They look at the industry
NPD: Used sales topped $US4.5B in US in 2009
Lazard Capital markets expect 3DS launch in March 2011

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
Japanese weekly sales charts
Unreal Engine puts BP oil spill into perspective

Hardware: Stuff to play games on
3DS has software installs

In good company: Business news
GAME business woes lead to layoffs

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
APB has a tough review embargo

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
Riccitello: 3D games may come at a premium
Aonuma: I don’t want to make Zelda easy
Neversoft: No realistic instruments for Guitar Hero
Activision: Franchise fatigue is an excuse

In the Cloud: Taking computing to the next level
EA, Gaikai join forces to stream PC games

An Apple a day: The Mac side of things
Counter-Strike Source for Mac coming next week

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
Metal Gear Solid Gold Edition Premium Pack
Air Raid for Atari 2600 shows up again

Downloadable Content: Fix it later
Alan Wake DLC will cost you $US7

Cheap Thrills: Games that won’t hurt your wallet
EA racing games for cheap

Mark your calendars: Events, announcements…
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future coming September

English version of Tomodachi Collection

Trine 2
Rock of Ages

X3: Terran Conflict


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