Stand up for Kinect?

An article over at IGN called Five Concerns for Kinect illustrates a problem which has not yet come up at E3.

According to the article, players will have to stand up when they want to play Kinect games, as the peripheral has trouble identifying them when they’re sitting down. The article, which has now been edited, originally indicated that users would have to stand to use any Kinect functionality, including dashboard navigation.

Microsoft says that you can play the games sitting down “depending on the experience” but several unnamed developers revealed to IGN that it’s not just simply a case of people having to get up off their butts to play Kinect’s line up of highly active titles – the peripheral simply cannot differentiate between you and your furniture. This could prove troublesome for many disabled gamers, who may end up not being able to use the peripheral at all.

With five months to go until the release of Kinect, one can assume that Microsoft will be actively working on the problem.

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