E3 2010: The Sony Conference

Sony’s E3 conference brought us more information on the Move, a slab of new game announcements and a few winks and nudges at the expense of their competition.

The show opened with discussion of the PlayStation 3’s ever expanding media capabilities, including the newly added 3D support. A Guerilla Games rep took the stage to demonstrate Killzone 3 in 3D. The live demo was followed by a montage trailer featuring the PS3’s planned 3D line up, which includes Gran Turismo 5, EyePet and MLB 10: The Show.

Without any hesitation, the focus of the show shifted to the Move, Sony’s motion control solution. After a video montage of developer praise for the device, a new game called Sorcery was revealed. Sorcery is a third person action game that features 1:1 movement control for its magic wand. More Move game announcements followed including a Sony character crossover game called Heroes on the Move, which features Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper and Bentley in an action-adventure game.

SCEA boss Jack Tretton hosted the show once again

More Move games were revealed in a press release issued after the show. Many new games will support the Move like Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and LittleBigPlanet 2 along with ones already on the market like Resident Evil 5, EyePet and MLB 10: The Show.

The Move will hit stores in September in a variety of configurations. To get playing Move games, you’ll need a PlayStation Eye ($US39.99) and a Move controller ($US49.99), but a number of games need more than one Move controller or the Navigation controller ($US29.99). In other words, $US170 to be completely covered for all Move games for one player.

After another montage, Sony started discussing the PSP. Apparently some 70 games are scheduled to be released on the handheld by the end of this year, so the system still has life left in it. First party games include the previously announced God of War: Ghost of Sparta, shown in CG form, and Patapon 3, the third in the series of cutesy rhythm/RTS hybrids.

Sony started hopping all over the place after the PSP talk. A LittleBigPlanet 2 live demo followed the PSP. They discussed the kinds of games you can make, and showed off a few competitive multiplayer things.

Move launches in the middle of September

Focus went from LittleBigPlanet 2 to PlayStation Network, where they announced PlayStation Plus, a user-pays subscription service that will get you early access to betas, free games and exclusive unlockables. Jack Tretton seemed a bit iffy on whether you actually continue to own the content you are given if you let your subscription lapse. No pricing structure was announced.

EA’s John Schappert took the state to discuss more PS3 stuff. Sony and EA have struck an agreement for PS3 exclusive collector’s editions of Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2. Buying these games on the PS3 will net you a free game – Medal of Honor: Frontline or Dead Space Extraction. Gabe Newell popped up on stage after him to announce Portal 2 for PS3, along with Steam Cloud support for the console.

Sony threw the spotlight onto their own internal products for the show’s conclusion, discussing Gran Turismo 5, inFamous 2 and the never-before-seen Twisted Metal sequel. Fan-favourite David Jaffe took the stage to show off Twisted Metal, which he had long denied working on.

Sony’s show demonstrated a much healthier mix of core and casual games than Microsoft. Microsoft’s Kinect line up consists solely of games targeted towards the casual audience, whereas Move will be utilised by a large number of core games on top of the casual experiences on offer. The cost of the Move is a little difficult to swallow – it seems cheap until you realise how much equipment you need.

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