A music video featuring Mr. Alan Wake

Recently there was a very short teaser video released by Remedy Entertainment and they’ve now announced what it was for: A music video by Poets Of The Fall for their song War.

Why did Remedy Entertainment announce this? Two reasons. The first is that a certain Mr. Wake(played by Ilkka Villi) is the subject of the video and secondly, the song apparently was very crucial in the development and story of Alan Wake.

The video itself is quite enjoyable with its main content taking place in the Alan Wake universe. It even features live-action Alan surrounded by Taken. Pretty awesome!

The song is not for everyone, but personally I think it’s great!

The band actually recorded tracks for Alan Wake under the name of Old Gods Of Asgard. One song in particular, Children Of The Elder God, is key to one of the best sequences in Alan Wake. You can check out the rest of Poets Of The Fall’s work at their official website. In fact, Old Gods Of Asgard have their own official website.

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