Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer can't win 'em all

For every gamer excited by something, there’s another brutally disappointed. This morning the internet is abuzz with the new trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was released overnight, and gamers everywhere are falling over themselves for a glimpse of the three-minute trailer.

But! There are others – non-believers – who are fervently hoping that this is all a dream and they’ll wake up to find that this new sequel doesn’t exist. In their reality, the original Deus Ex was a single, perfect standalone masterpiece, with no follow-up titles to sully its image.

They’re particularly upset by this new trailer, packed though it is with human augmentation, all the appropriate cyber-bells and whistles, sunglasses at night, swanky gadgets, riots, police brutality and mythological imagery. They’re picking apart the voice acting, the shades of English-as-a-second-language, the apparently obvious touch of Square Enix, and the fact it can never live up to the promise of the original.

No matter which side of the fence they’re on, gamers around the world are currently hunched over their computers, watching the video painfully slowly and analysing each moment frame-by-frame (wondering what exactly he meant by that comment, that finger-twitch, that choice of trenchcoat). Who knows what they’ll find – an element that will condemn the title further, or maybe a gem that will redeem it completely?

We’re expecting a wave of speculations, rumours and considerations to swamp the internet – but this isn’t called an E3 trailer for nothin’ – stay tuned, I think we’ll have plenty more for you about Deus Ex: Human Revolution in a week or so.

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