Tracker Hero brings rhythm to the Amiga

Too many of today’s games developers are focussing on the big, shiny ‘next-gen’ consoles, and not enough are releasing games for the platforms we loved as children… A notable exception though is Carlos Peris, who is currently putting the finishing touches on Tracker Hero – a familiar-looking rhythm game that is compatible with the Commodore Amiga.

Tracker Hero, currently in beta, takes its name from the style of music software that was used in the Demoscene era, and aims to bring a Guitar Hero-type experience to the much-loved computer system (without forcing you to buy shiny new peripherals).

All of the game’s song data is stored in MOD files, the beloved standard of the day, used for music on systems like the Amiga, VIC-20 and my favourite, the Commodore 64. Because of this, chiptune artists and modern demoscene musicians can actually load in their own songs – making a pretty hefty (and ever-expanding) library of homebrew music for the game.

We’ve also found a video of the game being played with a PS2 guitar peripheral, which plugs into the Amiga via an adapter – and we hear you can connect a dance mat and play that way, if you’re more into your Dance Dance Revolution-style releases.

Tracker Hero Tracker Hero Tracker Hero
*bleep* *bloop*

Want to try it? The beta for the game is currently freely available (version 0.9 was updated last week), so it’s a simple matter of download and install! A demo version for the game is expected in a couple of weeks, after being shown off at a “small MSX retroparty” in Barcelona over the weekend. Unfortunately for me, my vintage gaming collection doesn’t include an Amiga – but if someone releases Tracker Hero for the Atari 2600, I’m all over it.

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