The Ballad of Heavy Rain (Press X to Jason)

Everybody I spoke to had a completely different experience while playing Heavy Rain, but they all had a strong emotive reaction to one thing: Press X to Jason.

I know people who tried their hardest to get principal characters killed early, others who played and re-played scenes to keep doomed souls alive, and still others who just ran through regardless and left the bodies where they lay. All of them – and probably you too – will find something to identify with in the following video.

(Probably fair to warn you: Spoilers ahoy!)

Now, I know the question you’re all asking – “How can I get a copy of this delightful ditty?” …the answer is simple. The musician involved, Eric Fullerton has made the MP3 version readily available via this website, so you can download and play to your heart’s content.

For more of the same (well, not quite the same), the Dead Workers Party which Eric is a part of have also got a podcast, which they invite you to download.

…and in case you watched the video and haven’t played Heavy Rain – yes, that’s pretty much how it plays out in the game, too. Seriously.

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