Mac gamers arrive at City 17

Third time’s a charm, Mac gamers – Valve have just made the Half-Life 2 series of games (Half-Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two) available for your preferred OS, in the third week of their Apple-flavoured game roll-out.

The HL2 titles also feature cross-platform support for Steam Cloud, which means you should be able to save your game on one computer, and then seamlessly pick it up again from that point on another machine – regardless of whether it is Mac or PC-based. And of course they’ve all got Steam Play enabled – so you can purchase the game once and then happily play on “all Steam supported platforms”.

Both Half-Life 2 and Episode One have been updated with more than 40 new Steam Achievements (these have been given to all owners of these titles).

As if this wasn’t already an overload of good news, the Half-Life 2 series are all available at 30% off their regular price for a limited time. Now’s your chance to find out what all the fuss is about!

Oh, and you can also now play EVE Online: Tyranis, if that’s how you roll. It’s the first title to take on Steam‘s day-and-date promise – both PC and Mac versions have arrived at the same time. Sweet!

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