PlayStation Mod: Inmate tattoo gun

PlayStation: It can only do everything …including tattoos. A British detention centre inmate with an artistic flair is in big trouble after offering tattoos to fellow detainees – using a machine he built himself from an original Sony PlayStation.

We’ve heard of jailbirds using cassette players and other small motorised devices to create rudimentary tattoo guns – but this is the first time we know of a Sony console being stripped down for the purpose. (If you’re curious, the motor is then attached to a sharpened ballpoint pen, which then pushes ink into the skin.)

The PlayStation Tattoo Gun

The PlayStation Tattoo Gun

This particular model was seized, as well as a tattoo magazine (not sure which one), from the inmate’s room at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre. Stories vary as to whether or not the crafty convict charged other detainees for his artwork – officials, of course, are denying these claims.

A source has explained:

“When it was switched on it would move up and down like a real tattoo gun. But you would have to be daring to want a tattoo from a machine like that.

“It was a truly bizarre piece of DIY, up there with some of the most extraordinary finds staff have made.”

The device was seized during a routine room check, and while no further action was taken against the alleged artist, staff at the Centre have been made aware, so they can keep an eye out in case anything similar pops up. Guards in US jails have already reported finding tattoo guns made from Nintendo consoles.

(Oh, an in case you were curious, yes this is referring to the original PlayStation console. The 426 detainees in the centre are allowed to play games on PlayStation 1 and 2, but PS3s are banned, thanks to their internet connectivity. Now you know!)

(Source: The Sun)

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