Just Cause 2 joins The A-Team

I pity the fool who hasn’t seen The Panau-Team – the latest in a series of Just Cause 2 / 80s tv show mashups by Elroy. Trust me, it’s just as good as the last two!

Obviously, this time Rico and pals join the A-Team, and we hear Elroy has gone for a slightly different approach – using mostly cutscene clips of the game in an effort to “better match the feel” of the original tv show credits. He’s also gotten his hands on a PC version, which has resulted in a much higher-quality video than his earlier PS3 captures.

This is dedication, folks…

In case you were curious, all of the audio you’re hearing is included in the original opening to The A-Team, created by Mike Post and Pete Carpenter.

There’s a whole raft of 80s tv shows just begging to be re-interpreted, and a whole bunch of Just Cause 2 to be explored… We now can’t help but wonder – what’s up next on Panau TV?

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