Trent Reznor: Doomed again?

Officially, we’ve been told not to expect anything about Doom 4 until QuakeCon 2010 hits in August, but unofficially, we’ve got some juicy gossip: Will Trent Reznor lend his musical talents to the new game?

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor

We all know that Reznor – frontman of industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails – loves his video games. He wrote the score for Quake way back in 1996, and his band’s logo enjoys a little cameo in the game, decorating collectible nailgun ammunition. It should be no surprise then that he has also been a fan of the Doom franchise since the start, even agreeing to compose the music and sound effects for 2004’s Doom 3. At that stage, Reznor went on the record claiming that “time and money and bad management came into play and it didn’t work out”. Former Nine Inch Nails drummer, Chris Vrenna, picked up the project, composing and performing the game’s theme song.

So – could Doom 4 fulfil the prophecy? We hear that developers id Software are trying to sign him up as sound engineer for their new title.

This ties in quite neatly with the fact that Nine Inch Nails are currently paused, with Reznor retiring them from performing live “for the foreseeable future”. Since then, he’s explained that the decision doesn’t rule out writing music or being involved in other projects – and he’s already revealed a collaboration with Gary Numan, as well as his new band, How To Destroy Angels. A videogame score might tuck in quite nicely.

But – of course – no official confirmation or denial of this is expected until QuakeCon 2010, which gives us plenty of time to muse and fantasise about what it could turn out like before our dreams are shattered once again.

If you want your fix of game tunes, Reznor-style, might be time to dig out your old copy of Quake… remember, the soundtrack’s completely playable if you just pop the game disc into your CD player.

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