Breach thief faces court

We’ve all seen those movies where the guy slots a USB key into a computer on display at a convention and downloads the latest technology quickly and easily, before escaping out the back door.

Justin May

Justin May

Apparently, it doesn’t quite work like that in real life, with a Boston man appearing in court this week charged with trying to download an early copy of Breach while at PAX East in March.

Justin May allegedly used his laptop to hack into the 360 Debug Kit demonstrating the game, and started to transfer the files before he was interrupted – sparking a bit of a chase throughout the convention (just like in the movies!).

When he was finally apprehended, May admitted to trying to steal the files. Breach was being displayed publicly for the first time at the Expo, and police claim the title is worth US$6m.

Peter Tamte, President of developer Atomic Games seems a bit shaken by the experience:

“Breach, and our Hydrogen game engine, are the result of millions of dollars of investment and years of hard work. It would have been very harmful if Breach had been posted on the internet months before its planned release.”


The game in question: Breach

Mr. May faces charges of buying, selling or receiving stolen trade secrets as well as larceny over US$250 – crimes that could land him in prison for up to five years and fines of more than US$25,000. At this point, he’s been released without bail and is due back in Boston Municipal Court in late June.

Breach is due for release in the US Summer, as a downloadable title through Xbox LIVE Arcade.

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