God of War writer lends her pen to Shank

Klei Entertainment are taking downloadable games very seriously these days. To prove their point, they’ve brought BAFTA award-winning writer Marianne Krawczyk onboard, fresh from her work with the God of War series.

And why not? Rich, well-developed characters belong in downloadable titles just as much as they fit in with AAA blockbusters, and Shank‘s tale of twisted revenge sounds like something a bit different (and a change is as good as a holiday, right?).

Marianne seems to think so:

“I’m very excited to be a part of Shank – I fell in love with the artwork, characters and world that Klei Entertainment created and together we are creating a story that will allow gamers to explore a world where values like integrity and loyalty take on their own twisted meanings.”



And it’s not like Klei had anything less than big dreams for their newie, as CEO Jamie Cheng explains:

“When Shank was first conceived, we envisioned a fully realized world with provocative characters living out a mature, cinematic story.

Marianne has been able to flesh out our characters, and create a gritty, personal and unique story of full frontal revenge.”

Due within a few months for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and the humble PC, Shank will see battle their way to the top of the online leaderboards by ripping through the ranks of gang members, brandishing multiple weapons and racking up bucketloads of kills thanks to a free-flowing combo system.



…it’s also lovely to look at, with an art style inspired by graphic novels and the golden age of comics. Taking a mature storyline and great writing, and combining it with stunning artwork and some intense 2D action, Shank is one of the most anticipated titles of 2010, downloadable or otherwise.

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