Super Hero Squad goes Online with Gazillion

Super Hero Squad Online has been copping some flak for its art style, but I think it’s looking pretty dang awesome.

It’s based on the already wildly-popular Super Hero Squad franchise, which has drawn upon the 5,000-strong archive of heroes (and villains) in the Marvel Universe, spawning an animated series and a bucketload of action figures. Now, you can be a part of it, thanks to Gazillion Entertainment, and one of the best-named developers ever, The Amazing Society.

Jason Robar, Vice President and Studio Manager for the developers, explains:

“Everyone who has wanted to be Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Captain America or any of the amazing Marvel heroes and villains will find the game has something for them.”

While the trailer doesn’t reveal much (but it sure looks great), we hear that Super Hero Squad Online gives you the chance to be your favourite Super Hero, as part of a living online world. Team up with your friends in some exhilarating combat, show off your decked-out squad, collect all sorts of items and explore environments based on both new Marvel worlds and the classics we know and love (the Daily Bugle and Stark Tower among them!).

Jay Minn, Creative Director for Super Hero Squad Online, says:

“In Super Hero Squad Online you are not a nameless sidekick! You’ll swing through Super Hero City as Spider-Man or zap the bad guys with Cyclops’ optic blasts in high-voltage missions. Or you can just hang out in a high-energy, immersive world filled with other Marvel fans!”

This is the first game to be released as part of the 10-year exclusive publishing deal between Gazillion and Marvel Entertainment, and it looks like it could be a solid start.

Ira Rubenstein, Executive Vice President of Marvel‘s Digital Media Group explains:

“Super Hero Squad Online perfectly captures the unique mix of action, humor and customization that make the franchise a massive hit with fans of all ages. The team at The Amazing Society is creating a Super Hero Squad MMO that does justice to this extremely popular IP. Gazillion is proving that its capabilities in MMO development, operations and publishing make them the ideal partner to deliver a breakthrough Marvel online experience.”

Information about Super Hero Squad Online is currently pretty thin on the ground, but as we learn more about these crime fightin’ cuties, we’ll make sure we let you know.

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