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Looking good: Screenshots and new media
Red Dead Redemption screens explore the northern part of West Elizabeth.
Lost Planet 2 trailer is apparently the trailer of trailers!
Mafia 2 Developer Diary explains the value of cover.
Bloodline Champions trailer celebrates the new publishing deal with Funcom.
Arc Rise Fantasia video previews the upcoming title.
Lugaru – Wolf Slayer timelapse video is stunning.
AQUA gameplay trailer is our first look at the steampunk naval extravaganza.
Fallout: New Vegas boxart is revealed!

A casual affair: For the less hardcore.
Tweet Trumps …in case you had some more time to waste.
The Linear RPG – I may be late to the party, but it’s still awesome.
Simpson’s Paradox has a preview of Fantasy University, I still want to go there.
Crushd by Jonathan Whiting.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
April Game Sales for the US, from NPD.
The saga continues: Free as in ‘Pay what you want’? by Ben Abraham.
Post-DRMatic Stress starts with a confession: I euthanised Sam Fisher.
On a similar topic, Locks are for honest people at Screenplay.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
Denki would like you to Get Your Blocks Off / Part Two.
How to make interesting games by accident, from Sophie Houlden.

In Development: Games in progress
Used EA Sports titles will charge you US$10 for online play thanks to the EA Sports Online Pass. Hmm.
Mystery Pokemon revealed as Starter Partners, still unnamed.
Counter-Strike: Source will get achievements as part of a massive overhaul from Valve.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 announces Onslaught mode, which sounds messy.

Comedic Value: Laughter is the best medicine, etc
I Hit It With My Axe: Making Choices About Which Goblin To Hit.
No wonder Obama can’t work the Xbox… all a bit complex, y’see.
What did you expect from ‘Bulletstorm’ – at Ctrl+Alt+Del.
Sierra Road, by PJ Rush.
It just looks smaller in 2D, as Virtual Shackles takes on Zelda/3D Dot Game Heroes.
How to milk a franchise, the Capcom way.

Tuneful: Rock Band / Guitar Hero DLC
Green Day talks about rock and bands, as well as Rock Band.

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
LEGO Universe pre-orders coming soon!
Blizzard’s zombie survival guide
Guild Wars 2 planning ‘Dynamic Events’, coming soon.
Massively chats to Warhammer Online’s Carrie Gouskos, to find out where to from here.
World of Warcraft being used for research? Learn more about WowLens.
En Masse publish the first TERA weekly newsletter, a good sign of things to come.
Hurry! These free armbands for EverQuest 2 run out today! Go get ’em!

Music in Games: The tunes behind the action
What better use for Street Fighter II sound effects? …and Doraemon, too!
Final Fantasy XI music goes vinyl, don’t scratch it!

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
A week in the life of the TF2 team including a missing employee!
BulletStorm PS3 interview / Me and Cliffy B.
Bioware: “Final Fantasy 13 is not an RPG”.
Adult Swim not planning on taking their games to retail …not just yet, anyway.
Castle Crashers PSN Update – we find out about the new features.
Dead Space 2: more scary, more gore, more interactive – check out the video interview for more.
Inside Lionhead, Episode 2 – all about Fable 3, unsurprisingly.

In the Cloud: Taking computing to the next level
Onlive heads to Europe through a deal with British Telecom.

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker walkman, yes please!

Compete amongst yourselves: Competitions, pro-gaming, etc
Sony want to send you to Tokyo Game Show (no, really).

Crafty: From people who are good with their hands.
Plants vs. Zombies Peashooter crochet – gorgeous!
Silent Hill Nurse rubber duckie – also gorgeous!
Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut plushie – detecting a theme!

Just Cos(play): As if you need a reason to dress up?
Bayonetta porn makes the designer a bit cranky.

Hoorah! Good news, everybody!
MapleStory has turned five!

Silver Screen: Game-to-film (or vice versa)
Rollercoaster Tycoon. Oh, how I wish I was kidding.

Downloadable Content: Fix it later
Mass Effect 2 to get the Overlord Pack next month.

Mark your calendars: Events, announcements…
If you can’t make it to E3, MTV has you covered – at least for Microsoft stuff.

Are Raven Software working on CoD: Black Ops DLC? What happened to that Bond game?
Mega Man headed to PC, maybe in an online adventure?
Is Call of Duty: Black Ops bound for the Wii? Yes, says USA Today.

White Knight Chronicles II dated for July 8th …in Japan.
Yakuza for PSP named in Japanese, dated – get “Black Leopard: A New Yakuza Chapter” in September.
Star Wars: The Old Republic will not ship before March 2011, sorry guys.


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