Valve are making a note here…

As we may have mentioned yesterday, the mac version of Steam has launched, bringing with it a free copy of Portal. While this has made Apple gamers around the globe very, very happy, it seems they’re not the only ones with smiles on their faces. No, not Valve – I’m talking about science. Aperture Science, to be precise.

They’ve just sent me this message, which I will share in full:

Yesterday, millions of new recruits poured into the Aperture Science Enrichment Center for Portal testing. If they are ever found, we are sure they would want you to know that the wheels of science turn ever onward. Today, in an effort to restaff, Aperture Science directs your attention to this motivational recruitment video.

…what more can we say, really?

Please note that the free game is not just for the Mac fans among us, either – anyone with a (free) Steam account can pick up the game without handing over any cash. You’ve got no excuse …but hurry, it’s only until May 24th!

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