Blizzard issues takedown on Cataclysm leak

Clever-type people have been hard at work datamining the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm family and friends alpha client (which recently went live). Now that the client is in the wild, it doesn’t take long to uncover character models, new maps, skill trees, images and other bits and pieces that Blizzard would have preferred to keep under wraps.

WoW Cataclysm: Beta Banner

I think we're still allowed to post this...

Late last week, we revealed that MMO-Champion had published a huge stack of these uncovered assets.

This week, we can confirm that all of the Cataclysm alpha content has been removed from the site, at Blizzard‘s request.

MMO Champion admin Boubouille has posted a note explaining their move, and stating that it will all be re-posted once that pesky NDA has been lifted.

They’re also banning anyone who posts screenshots of alpha content, or who shares links to client downloads or game servers.

So – looks like that’s it for the sneaky-peek at upcoming content, and we’ll all have to sit back and wait for the official Beta release, which will eventually have no NDA. In the meantime, head to for a detailed look at the failure of secrecy, which goes into some detail about what exactly an NDA is and how it affects things – and how this massive leak may impact the WoW community.

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