Moshi Monsters – off of the PC, onto the wall

Moshi Monsters LTL Prints

Ain't he cute?

LTL Prints are at it again. They were involved with Into the Pixel, they got all stuck up with Dragon’s Lair, and now they’re bringing their particular style of larger-than-life wall graphics to the already-awesome Moshi Monsters – see what’s on offer in their store!

…wait, what? You don’t know about Moshi Monsters? What rock have you been living under? It’s an adorable online game that gives kids (and kids-at-heart) the ability to adopt their very own monster! Then, you can play mini-games, customise their homes, explore the in-game world and solve a bunch of puzzles. It’s like a modern Tamagotchi (did I just show my age?) – and developers Mind Candy recently revealed that they have more than 15 million subscribers.

Moshi Monsters LTL Prints


Understandably pleased, Michael Acton Smith (CEO of Mind Candy) explains the move from computer screen to wall graphics:

“We are excited to be launching this range of themed premium wall graphics in partnership with LTL PRINTS.

LTL PRINTS offer something unique which we feel brings the world of Moshi Monsters to life”.

I can think of few things more awesome than having my favourite virtual pet on my wall with me – and John Doffing, VP Marketing at LTL PRINTS feels the same way (unsurprisingly):

“Children around the world LOVE Moshi Monsters in the virtual world, and with the launch of Moshi Monster Wall Graphics, now they can bring their favorite characters to their own walls in the real world.”

…so now we’ve ascertained what Moshi Monsters are, what are LTL PRINTS? We happen to have a handy jingle that explains the whole deal:

(If you’re left singing that one all day, my apologies!)

But wait! It gets better!
To celebrate the launch of the Moshi Monsters premium wall graphics, LTL Prints have also created a whole bunch of Moshling sets for your walls.

Moshi Monsters LTL Prints


Choose from:
* Beasties
* Birdies
* Dinos
* Ninjas
* Fishies
* Fluffies
* Foodies
* Kitties
* Ponies
* Spookies
* Worldies
* Puppies
…each one contains four one-foot (approximately 30cm) Moshling wall stickers. Normally this would set you back US$75 – but for a limited time you can pick them up for US$35 (plus US$1.95 shipping – anywhere in the world)!

As with all of their graphics, you can choose your Moshi Monsters in a range of sizes (from laptop-sized prints all the way up to seven feet tall). They’re self-adhesive and promise to stick to “virtually any surface”, including walls, windows and ceilings – and they can be removed and re-stuck more than 100 times without damaging walls or leaving marks.

Want one? You’ll have to head over to the Moshi Monsters LTL Prints Store and pick out your new pet. I’ve got my eye on one of those Moshling sets… maybe the Ninjas? Maybe the Foodies? Or the Puppies?

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