The Humble Indie Bundle gets Samorost 2

A humble cheque

A humble cheque

Everybody knows about the Humble Indie Bundle by now, right? Well, it just keeps getting better and better.

Since launch, they’ve raised more than $650,000, with more than 77,000 people donating to charity at the same time as picking up five six of the best indie games. And yes, the new total is six, as Amanita Design have decided to donate their amazing game Samorost 2 to the collection (“donate” meaning they’re throwing it in as a bonus, and won’t receive any of the profits. How selfless and awesome is that?).

If you’ve already picked up the Bundle (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t have), your copy of Samorost 2 is waiting on your personal download page. If you haven’t yet grabbed yours – what are you waiting for?

To recap, the Humble Indie Bundle is now six of the best indie games, presented for Mac, Linux and Windows, in a pay-what-you-want form. With a recommended retail price of more than $80 (even more with the addition of Samorost 2), you’ll get World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD and Penumbra Overture, and part of your purchase price will also go to Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play – two great charities who’d really appreciate the help.

An interesting tidbit: Windows gamers are cheapskates – or maybe they’re just more used to having access to cool stuff. According to an update on the Humble Indie Bundle page, Windows PC users have forked over an average of $7.26 per gamer, while Mac users have given an average of $9.74 each. Meanwhile, our Linux brethren may have saved money on their operating system, but they’re giving it to a good cause – an average of $14.00 per gamer! Hoorah! (It’s also worth noting that more than half of the games sold are on PC, by the way, so the lower price doesn’t mean a lower amount of money changing hands overall.)

The site’s also been updated to reveal that while most gamers are content to pay less than twenty bucks for their games, there are a few kind-hearted souls out there. An anonymous donor has given $1000 to the cause, with two donations of $500 thrown in by others. Well done, guys. You’re good people.

(All prices are in US$.)

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