EA's "Project Red" revealed by Australian censors

It’s long been known that trademark paperwork, domain registrations and classification notifications have been a back-door way for eagle-eyed gamers to find out about upcoming releases.

Now, gaming publishers have started spoiling all our fun, submitting codenames to the Australian Classifications Board representing unannounced titles. How dare they!


A very 'red' map from the original Syndicate

This time around, we’ve been alerted to a submission for Project Red, which recently earned itself an MA15+ rating (suitable for people over the age of 15). This was entered into the database on behalf of Electronic Arts, which is where it gets interesting.

Starbreeze Studios are currently hard at work on a top-secret assignment for EA, known only as Project RedLime. This game is widely rumoured to be a rebooting of the 1993 cult classic Syndicate – and it doesn’t take a genius to wonder if perhaps, it’s the same one as has just been submitted for classification.

While it’s not a smoking gun at this point, the evidence does kinda stack up, particularly as we’re a month away from E3, and the big publishers are keeping everything under wraps.

It could also suggest that this mysterious Project Red (whether it be Syndicate related or not) might go in for a bit of the old ultra-violence. Australia’s notoriously strict Classifications Board has been used as a test-ground for codenamed titles in the past, to avoid a potential high-profile banning. A notable example: Bloodhunt, which was given an MA15+ rating and was later revealed to be none other than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Still, time will tell, and this could all be nothing more than speculation. We’ll be keeping an eye out, though.

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