The Secret of Monkey Island playable, right here!

How about a bit of point-and-click adventuring to end your weekend / start your week? A little Secret of Monkey Island, perhaps?

Well, playerattack (with some help from Lucasarts and InstantAction) have come to your rescue, with a special edition of the game right here in this post!

If you’re that way inclined, you can play a 20-minute demo of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition absolutely free (hoorah!), and if you want to finish the adventure, it’ll set you back US$10 and a quick click-out to InstantAction’s site to sign up.

The Secret of Monkey Island:SE powered by InstantAction

Now, InstantAction has been around for a little while, and they set up quite the impressive little back-catalogue. They have also just redesigned a whole bunch of stuff, which has rendered the whole lot unplayable. Rest assured, this is a temporary setback, and sometime soon, they’ll all be back – which means you’ll be able to play a new bunch of games, all without leaving your browser. Pretty sweet, huh!

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