Boiler Room: The Latest Steam Announcements

Steam LogoIf your games do not update automatically, simply restart your Steam client and the changes should download and slot into place for you.

(Don’t know what this is all about? Steam is one of the world’s largest digital distribution platforms. It’s completely free to download, and also features DRM components, in-game communications and multiplayer functionality – making it a bit of a one-stop shop for gamers, whether they’re into the biggest AAA titles, or the hand-made indie games. One thing Steam is particularly famous for is their game update process – and playerattack aims to bring you their latest news!)

Garry’s Mod Update Released
Updates to Garry’s Mod have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Garry’s Mod
Fixed startup crash when no SSE2 support
Fixed TF2 map crash

Garry’s Mod
Added new spawnicons
Added support for spawning TF2 Spy with masks
Added ‘proper’ thirdperson animations
Added sv_max_usercmd_future_ticks (default: 5) should prevent speedhacks.
Added support for per-map particle systems
Fixed crash in Entity:TranslateBoneToPhysBone()
Fixed crash when closing with the help window open
Fixed zombie crash
Fixed bone follower crash (when using unsuitable model)
Fixed crash exploit when Script Enforcer was enabled
Added luaJIT
Added support for Vector * Vector
Added Entity:SetRenderFX( kRenderFx* )
Added “Depth” and “SizeMode” key values for render targets.
Fixed quotes in GLON
Returning true in PrePlayerDraw will prevent them from being drawn

Flotilla Released on Steam
Lead your orbital battleships to victory in Flotilla! Fight, trade, and explore new planets in your journey through the galaxy. Discover upgrades and artifacts to install on your fleet ships, and engage in battle with bounty hunters and pirate space-chickens.

Left 4 Dead 2 Update Released
Updates to Left 4 Dead 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Left 4 Dead 2
Fixed original survivors cheating in Bleed Out mode by throwing first aid kits

RailWorks SD40-2 Burlington Northern Add-on Released
RailWorks SD40-2 Burlington Northern Add-on is available on Steam.

The SD40-2 Burlington Northern shares the same basic superstructure as the SD38-2 as it uses the same 16-645E3 engine (with turbo charging modifications). The Dash 2 also has longer front and rear porches than other models, making for distinguishing features when comparing locomotives. Another alteration from previous designs is the three radiator grilles mounted on the roof, where previously there were only two.

Weekend Deal – 75% off Codemasters Racing Pack
Save 75% off Codemasters Racing Pack, including DiRT2, DiRT, FUEL, GRID, and ToCA Race Driver 3.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released
Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Team Fortress 2
Fixed several issues with the Source SDK
Added new items to commemorate our 119th (or so) update
Scout’s “Retire the Runner” achievement updated to be
   “Kill a Scout while they are under the effect of Crit-a-Cola.”
Added a 20% damage bonus to The Backburner.
Fixed the Flare Gun’s afterburn duration being lowered by the Flamethrower’s duration reduction.
Fixed the teleporter exit using the wrong particle effect.
Fixed HUD damage indicators not appearing.
Fixed Teleporters not reverting to level 1 when their other side is destroyed.
Fixed receiving damage not causing view-kicks on players.
Fixed Engineers & Spies being able to circumvent build restrictions.
Fixed Server Browser not saving filter settings properly.
Fixed a client crash in the targetID on clients running custom HUDs

Team Fortress 2
Added new community map cp_freight
Added missing physics models for several items
Added jiggle bones to the Sam & Max items, and The Buff Banner
Added Crit-a-Cola

Dedicated Server
Linux optimizations.
Fixed Linux servers not relisting correctly after a master server restart
Fixed a case where servers could have “ghost” players consuming player slots

Marked the “snd_show” convar as a cheat

Gameplay Changes
Pyro changes
Flamethrower direct damage reduced 20%.
Burn duration reduced (10 -> 6 seconds).
Airblast re-fire delay reduced by 25%.
Airblast ammo usage reduced by 20%.
All reflected rockets/grenades/arrows now mini-crit.
Airblasting enemies into environmental deaths now awards the death credit to the Pyro.

Heavy changes
Minigun spin-up/down time reduced by 25%
Minigun firing movement speed increased to just under half-normal (from 80 to 110).
Throwing a sandvich to a teammate now earns a full bonus point (was half a point).

Bonk! changes
Post-use movement penalty removed.
Now has a re-use cooldown time, like The Sandman.

The Chargin’ Target changes
Direct charge hit now does 50 damage + 10 per head (up to 5 heads).
Capped the turn rate from +left and +right while charging.

The Huntsman changes
Removed restriction that arrows need to be aimed before they can be lit by a Pyro.
Bow can now be lowered without losing the lit arrow.
Changed bow so you can start charging it while you’re jumping, but you can’t fire until you’re on the ground.
Fixed bug where flame effect would get stuck on if you change weapons with a lit arrow.

Backpack changes
Moved Crafting button out to the root class/backpack selection panel.
Dragging and dropping items in your backpack now makes appropriate sounds.

Bot changes
Bots don’t retreat to gather health as readily if they are in combat.
Bots no longer retreat when moving to block a point capture.
Bots should now equip an appropriate combat weapon and fight while moving to collect health.
Bots who are roaming the map and hunting now chase down their victims, following them around corners.
Bots That fire projectiles (ie: rockets/grenades/etc) don’t hold down their fire button for a minimum time. This was causing Soldier bots to fire rockets into nearby walls as they strafed, killing themselves.
Soldiers bots now switch to their shotgun after firing all four rockets when engaging an enemy.
Added a few more bot names from community suggestions.
Fixed a behavior loop with Engineer metal gathering.

The Sandman change
Added a slight speed reduction to stunned players.

Community requests
Added ConVars log_verbose_enable and log_verbose_interval to report player positions in the server log at regular intervals
log_verbose_enable default: 0
log_verbose_interval default: 3 secs
“Last-weapon” initialization on respawn now sets itself to be the melee weapon if you don’t have a selectable secondary weapon (like The Razorback).

Bug Fixes
Fixed an case where The Gunboats didn’t apply their damage reduction properly.
The amount count in the HUD now flashes red when you’re low on ammo.
Extinguishing a burning teammate now earns a full bonus point (was half a point).
Fixed a permanent overheal exploit involving dispensers.
Fixed a bug in spectator mode where the user aborted out of freezecam, setup a spec mode (like IN_EYE), and would then have the setting stomped after the freezecam timer expired.
Fixed bug with disguised spy sometimes seeing his own name in the disguise status HUD.
Fixed a client crash that could result from players with arrows embedded in them.
Fixed items that can be worn by any class having the wrong model when worn by a disguised Spy.
Added missing map prefixes to server browser game types.
Killing yourself with your own sentry no longer increments the sentry’s kill counter.
Fixed dropped hats sometimes having the wrong team color.
Fixed crit-boosted players not getting critical hits if their weapon has custom no-crit behavior.
Fixed the achievement dialog taking a long time to pop up, and completed achievements now sort to the bottom of the list.
Fixed Spies disguised as Medics hearing the autocaller sound.

Railworks Update Released
Updates to Railworks have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Important Information
Save Files are now binary so you will not be able to Continue from old save files

New Stock
BR 143 Electric Locomotive
BR 151 Electric Locomotive
BR52 Steam Locomotive
BDnzrf Driving Trailer Coach
FAS 126 Hopper Wagon
FALNS Hopper Wagon
KKW Bogie Tank Wagon
ABn First/Second Class Coach
Bn Second Class Coach
Gbs254 Van
Ibbhns Refrigerated Van
Omm52 Open Wagon

Route improvements
Upgraded models of stations and buildings on the Hagen – Siegen route
Updated signalling and inclusion of PZB on the Hagen – Siegen & Seebergbahn routes

Improved Signal Functionality
HP, KL and KS signalling systems
Schedules definable to the second for departure and arrival.
Option to make exceeding the signal, line or locomotive max. speed of more than 5 km/h to trigger an emergency brake application.
Option to make passing a red signal, cause the scenario to end.
Improved PZB functionality with new in-cab sounds.
H/V system with double or triple info signals.
HL system with multiple info signals through combination of main and distant signals.
KS system for modern routes with main, pre and multiple sector signals.
Source Code for the additional German signalling to be made available to allow further extension of the signalling system.

Other improvements and fixes
ScenarioProperties now have BlueprintSetPreLoad
Blueprint Editor failing to open fixed
Turntables and Traversers memory leak fixed
Latitude -32 and -38 terrain import fixed
Error Dump files now include version number
Speed limit reporting improved
Broken Consists now detected on scenario load
Asset Editor prevented from opening in fullscreen mode
Night nodes on loft geometry now work correctly
User hints fixed
Picking rail vehicles in the 2D map fixed
Uncoupling engines in free roam creates a new service for the uncoupled section
Defensive check to prevent crashes in 2D map when missing track linked object blueprints
Extra warning information in scenario editor.
Fixed lighting on low quality water shader to ligh correctly at night

Just Cause 2: Black Market Aerial Pack Available Now!
New DLC for Just Cause 2 is available now on Steam!

With the Black Market Aerial Pack you get these cool items:
F-33 DragonFly Jet Fighter: With quad-mounted miniguns and double missile launchers, this agile bird is the definite ruler of the skies, and packs a serious punch to land based targets as well.
Dual Parachute Thrusters: Take to the air for longer! The Dual Parachute Thrusters when mounted to the parachute rig provides bursts of forward momentum to extend airtime.
Multi-lock Missile Launcher: This highly sophisticated weapon of destruction allows you to lock up to four targets and unleash a barrage of homing missiles to take care of all your troubles.

Steam client update released
A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select “Check for Steam Client Updates…”. The specific changes include:

Steam Client
Fixed high CPU usage on some machines caused by WebKit windows running their frame loop at a fast rate even when not visible
Fixed high CPU usage on moving a Steam window where more redrawing was occurring than was needed
Added the ability to enable or disable DirectWrite based font-rendering in the settings dialog
Fixed store page not being shown correctly on trying to accept an invite to a game you don’t own
Fixed some highlight styles in friends chats when selecting text
Fixed some unneeded .mdmp file creation when launching mods
Added back 16×16 icon support for mods, and now supporting new 32×32 icon. Mod authors should add a 32×32 icon with the same name as the 16×16 but with _big added to the end of the filename.
Fixed potential memory corruption crash for some first time users installing from a retail install disc
Fixed a crash on exit when requests for app icon data were still in-flight
Fixed pause/resume button sizing in non-english languages on downloads page
Improved hit testing on frame buttons (minimize, maximize, close)
Improved hit testing in text entry controls
Fixed the in-game browser hanging on
Fixed custom cursors showing as no cursor in the in-game browser (custom cursors are still not supported, but the arrow cursor will now be shown at least)
Improved error handling in the in-game browser so instead of testshell-error: you’ll get a more useful error page shown in the browser window
Additional strings and fixes for non-english languages
Fix reconnect attempts while Friends/VAC is offline causing stuttering in the client and potentially in Steamworks games
Fix for a very small memory leak on moving windows
Fix bold text in the unknown url warning dialog in chats sometimes not appearing
Throttle attempts to update clouded steam config settings to avoid excess attempts when the Cloud servers restart

Guild Wars 5th Anniversary Sale – 50% off all Guild Wars
Celebrate the Guild Wars 5th Anniversary with 50% off the entire Guild Wars series this week only.

Get started with Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition, the award-winning online fantasy epic. Or check out the stand-alone expansions Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall.

Or get all three: Guild Wars, Factions, and Nightfall in the Guild Wars Trilogy.

Three epic games. Zero subscription fees.

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Update Released
Updates to Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Fixed “Cannot set display mode” fatal error at startup for some ATI boards.
Fixed random lag spikes that made network games unplayable on many servers.

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