Will StarCraft II support cross-server play?

If you’d been eagerly awaiting the release of StarCraft II, itching to get a chance to take on the Koreans – you’ll have to wait a while. Gaming site Destructoid is reporting that the game will not support cross-server play on day one (but it is still being considered for a future patch).

StarCraft Concept Art

Blizzard Concept art from the StarCraft universe

According to the report, Blizzard have decided they want to keep everything regional, at least for the initial launch of the game – for optimum player experience. The theory says that by allowing Europeans only to play against other Europeans, US gamers against US gamers, and Asians against Asians, laggy matches which see people connected to opponents halfway around the world will be minimised.

At this point, Blizzard are planning on watching everything closely once the game is released, with the intention of evaluating both Battle.net and the new server performance. If everything goes well, the region-locks may be lifted and truly international games may begin! …until then though, you’re stuck with the locals.

We have contacted Blizzard to find out just which region Australia happens to fall into – are we lumped with the Asians due to location, or with the US or Europe based on our language and culture? Oh, this announcement has raised more questions than it’s answered.

On a tangent, Blizzard recently unveiled their Concept Art gallery – if you haven’t yet had a look, you should get over there now and feast on some eyecandy from all three of their major franchises.

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