Stick 'em up: Dragon's Lair Wall Graphics

Do you remember Dragon’s Lair? I know it’s going back a few years but it was a classic, right? The world’s first full-animation laser disc video game was launched in 1983 – and now it’s making a larger-than-life-sized sticky comeback.

Dirk the Daring - LTL Print

Dirk the Daring - on your wall!

Over the past 27 years, this classic arcade adventure has logged more than 320 million plays, with numerous 2D versions released for various platforms (including the iPhone, most recently). You played as Dirk the Daring, a (fairly awkward) knight who was on a quest to save the beautiful Princess Daphne, fighting his way through the castle of an evil wizard. At the time, the project was groundbreaking, with the developers witnessing lines as long as “several city blocks” form as people waited to play the game (not buy, just play!).

One of those gamers waiting patiently in line was John Doffing, VP Marketing at LTL Prints, a company who specialises in larger-than-life wall graphics.

“I was 13 years old when Dragon’s Lair launched in arcades, and I can still remember waiting in line for hours outside Alladin’s Castle to play it.

“Dragon’s Lair is a major milestone in the history of video games, and it is an absolute honor to work with Don Bluth Films to create premium wall graphic versions of these iconic characters.”

If you ever wanted to spruce up your place with some retro classics, this might be one way of getting your fix. The freshly-announced Dragon’s Lair premium wall graphics are basically big stickers that can be placed on just about any flat surface, and – even better – can be removed and re-hung plenty of times without leaving a mark (or damaging surfaces).

Princess Daphne

Princess Daphne - in your lounge!

It’s not necessarily the game I would have expected to find when looking for huge wall graphics, but it does make a sort of sense – and the original game publishers think they’re onto something a bit special, as Gary Goldman, VP of Bluth Group Ltd explains:

“Dragon’s Lair and LTL PRINTS are the perfect fit for our brand and characters and really connect with our fan base, it only makes sense to combine Don Bluth’s classic characters with LTL PRINTS’ premium wall graphics.

“We look forward to launching these new designs and offering fans these unique products.”

Can’t remember what all the fuss is about? Here’s the original Attract Mode video for the game:

Personally, I’m intrigued. The idea sounds pretty nifty – and goodness knows I’ve got some blank walls around The House of ‘Pron… Apparently, LTL Prints use a unique sort of fabric paper, shunning vinyl for its tendency to crack and peel (not to mention leaving residue behind on walls) – gotta love a company that isn’t afraid to pay a bit more for better quality! I think I might have to check these out and get back to you.

The range of Dragon’s Lair premium wall graphics from LTL Prints hasn’t been officially launched yet, but you can check ’em out at their website. Tell ’em I sent ya.

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