Fist Engines: Capcom vs. Eric Ruth Games

You might think that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a big deal, but I’ve got an even bigger one for you: Capcom vs. Eric Ruth Games.

Name sound familiar? He’s the guy behind Pixel Force Left 4 Dead and Mega Man 9 HD Remix, and he’s brought those characters to face off against the Capcom combatants. And why should the comic superheroes have all the fun?

Ruth explains that he’s been working on the game for “about a month and a half” at this point, and the finished product will be released “this summer” – for free!

Now, in case you didn’t recognise him, the guy in the video is actually Royal Jackson (The Space Cowboy), from Ruth’s game Return of the Space Cowboy. Unfortunately none of the heroes from Pixel Force Left 4 Dead made the cut, but Ruth is already discussing a sequel, so you never know…

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