Conduit 2: Get Your Head In The Game

SEGA Australia want you to get your head in the game… Conduit 2, that is.

They’re running a competition that could see your smiling face appearing on a wanted poster somewhere in the game universe – and how often do you get the chance to be in a video game?

Conduit 2

The Conduit 2

All you need to do is head over to their website, fill out your details and explain in 25 words or less what you’d most like to see in Conduit 2.

…but why don’t we start with a look at what you will see in the game, hmm?

Key Features:

New co-op mode where up to four player players battle side-by-side against waves of enemies. Fight online over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or on the same console via splitscreen mode.

Take the battle online with up to 12-players or play locally via 4-player splitscreen. Features new modes and more expansive battlefields from around the globe.

Create your character’s unique look with the modular armour system and selectable skins. Class system with pre-mission weapon load-out and suit upgrades. Gain currency to purchase new weaponry, armour, upgrades, and additional content.

Features an arsenal of over 20 weapons, including wall-penetrating sniper rifles, remotely-controlled deployable turrets, and alien technology that captures incoming fire and unleashes it back on the enemy. Man fixed emplacements at fortified positions and on drop ships. Use the alien ASE device to hack electronics and uncover hidden traps and enemies.

• SUPPORTS: Wii Speak peripheral

Simply put, it picks up where last year’s Wii exclusive left off – putting you squarely on the front lines of the human-alien war, where it’s your job to protect humanity. The enemy is everywhere and nobody can be trusted, but you’ve got one of the most powerful arsenals ever assembled – take that alien scum to their knees!

Conduit 2

Four-player co-op mode

You’ve got a month to get your act together, as registrations will close at 5pm AEST May 15th, 2010. And yes, you must be an Australian resident to be eligible, sorry foreigners!

Conduit 2 recently dropped The from its name, and is currently scheduled for release in “late 2010”, exclusively for the Wii. For more information, check out, or stay tuned to playerattack as more details come to light.

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