Diablo taunts gamers with tiny, mysterious image

I’m not normally one to fuel internet rumours, but this image was posted by Diablo‘s Twitter account, and has caused quite the rampant discussions around the internets.

It's Coming.

It's Coming.

Captioned simply “It’s coming.“, theories are sprouting all over the place, with the most common being that this is some sort of Ral Rune.

…if you’re not so up with your Diablo, then you might need a reminder that a Ral Rune is a pretty common thing, and can be inserted into socketed items, giving bonuses related to Fire-Damage and Resistances.

Diablo Ral Rune information

Ral Rune details

But why are Blizzard teasing us with an image of a common rune? What significance does Ral hold, if it even is Ral?

Hopefully we’ll find out sooner rather than later… we’ll keep you posted.

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