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It’s all over the net: Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has been ‘hacked’. The Director of Programming, known to his mother as Larry Hryb, has kept tight-lipped on the details, but it seems his LIVE account was …well, compromised. (Current theories suggest the account was not hacked, merely accessed using a stolen username / password, but who lets truth get in the way of a good story?)

His avatar’s speech bubble and bio info (Name, Location) were altered (featuring some not-very-safe-for-work language, if you’re concerned), and the alleged ‘hacker’ appears to have used the account as a new forum to promote their own nefarious deeds.

Major Nelson's Profile

More evidence.

Hryb now asserts that he has regained control of the account, thanks to the Xbox LIVE enforcement team – and, in fact, Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, Stephen Toulouse, has chimed in on the situation. Via Twitter, @stepto has announced that this was “very specific” and “very targeted” to Hryb’s account, before announcing that “everything is back to normal”.

But of course it’s not over that quickly and neatly: website lightzz.com is “claiming responsibility” for the attack, even going as far as posting several (now-deleted) videos of the achievement.

An interesting detail in this story is the fact that the ‘hacker’ has posted something like his real name all over the place – more than the digital equivalent of fingerprints. Through claiming responsibility, the attack has now been linked to a website which has left its registration details publicly accessible, which potentially leads any investigations directly to a house in Florida.

Major Nelson

Would you really mess with this guy?

The other theory, of course, is that “GoDxLiGHTzz” didn’t actually hijack the account, and someone else is framing him. However, when you look at GoDxLiGHTzz‘s history, it’s not the first time he’s tried his luck at identity theft, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Someone is either very smart, or very (very) stupid.

(Obviously, the moral of this story is to keep all of your log-in details secure, and not to share them with anyone. Common sense, kids.)

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