The Daily Pron Stash

We scour the net for the Pron Stash, our daily roundup of game bits and pieces. Click through for more about:

Looking good: Screenshots and new media
Crackdown 2 media includes some high-flying fun.
Hydrophobia screens look amazing, even as they depict disaster.
Mass Effect 2 screens feature new Firewalker content.
The Whispered World trailer looks awfully promising.
Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter screens are awfully shiny.
Kings and Castles video blog features one second of game footage!
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier screens give us our first look at the game.
Mafia 2 footage from PAX East shows off some of the PhysX features.

A casual affair: For the less hardcore.
Bulgarian city councillor fired – for playing FarmVille. Understandable, no?

Analyse this: They look at the industry
Amazon planning an expanded digital game store? so says this analyst, after examining several job postings.

Interesting… Assorted bits and pieces
Why journalists and developers hate each other, in case you were curious.
Video games: the addiction “Tom Bissell was an acclaimed, prize-winning young writer. Then he started playing the video game Grand Theft Auto.”

Hardware: Stuff to play games on
NVIDIA hold a big launch event for the GeForce GTX 480/470, which we hope to have a look at shortly.

A Legal Matter: Gamers in court
Edge Games is “completely certain” of Legal Victory against EA and Mobigame.

In Development: Games in progress
…with dinosaurs!
Dead Space 2 enjoyed a bit of thrusting at PAX East.
Infinity Ward blame Activision for MW2 pack pricing. As you do.
Worms Reloaded beta sign-ups start Monday …nuff said?
NBA Jam: Troubled baller left off the roster

Console yourselves: PlayStation, Xbox 360, Wii
Netflix instant streaming disk on the Wii is pretty slow, but…
Direct Netflix comparison shows the PS3 is slower – not what you’d expect?
DSiWare games are not transferable to DSi XL, we’re sorry to report.
Is Nintendo barking up the wrong tree with the 3DS?

Comedic Value: Laughter is the best medicine, etc
A day in the life of a GTA pedestrian “BAM! You’ve been sniped.”

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
Love: a stunning walkthrough of the new indie MMO.
Love In Verses is a helpful little resource for you, too.
Karos Online will launch April 9th in Europe and the US.
Star Wars: The Old Republic introduces biographies to their HoloNet archives.
SW:TOR also releases a ‘game testing portal’, which is very mysterious.
Star Trek Online: Captain’s Log looks at the pros and cons of Season One, from Massively.
Star Wars Galaxies adds space piracy in Game Update 16: Stronghold of the Lok Revenants.

Music in Games: The tunes behind the action
PAX East Friday Night Concert roundup: The Protomen, Anamanaguchi, Metroid Metal, MC Frontalot!
Blizzard’s Russell Brower will be at Video Games Live on April 1st (no foolin’!).
Overgrowth want to share this rock song by Jonathan Lewis.

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
Gabe Newell mentions Half-Life, and everybody goes nuts.
Splinter Cell: Conviction is not coming to the PS3, but maybe the next game will.
David Cage explains: Gamers have changed.

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
Ping-pong door might not be video-game related, but still!
Boo’s (glow in the dark) tote bag!

Crafty: From people who are good with their hands.
Make a Nintendo craft, win $250!

Just Cos(play): As if you need a reason to dress up?
PAX East Cosplay Gallery has us feeling a bit Tingly.

Art in games: Real paintings, sometimes.
Mega Man 3D origami is truly amazing.

Downloadable Content: Fix it later
Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing pushed back and priced at US$7 – on the Xbox 360, that is.
The Sims 3: worldwide custom content finds for March 27th, 2010.

Dead Space Extraction: coming to Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3?
Final Fantasy IX might come to PSN, producer will bring it up at the next board meeting.
Resistance 3 revealed in Sony survey – or is it?

StarCraft 2 has ‘no chance’ of LAN support, say Blizzard. Boo.

Breach will come to PC six weeks after XBLA, but we’re not sure which digital distribution method will be used.

God of War III, to 1.01, is 5377KB in size, will fix wireless controller issues.
World of Warcraft to 3.3.3a, but we don’t know what it does.
StarCraft II Beta, with Patch 6 (nerfs stuff, buffs stuff, new armour type).


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