SEGA want to ink you, Yakuza 3-style

Is your skin too plain? Want a back piece? SEGA Australia and Zoo Weekly have an offer for you. They’re running a competition to celebrate the launch of Yakuza 3, where the winner will receive a replica of Kazuma Kiryu’s dragon tattoo.

The estimated value of the back piece is AU$9,000, and all you need to do is explain in 25 words or less, why you think you deserve to wear the replica of Kazuma Kiryu’s
dragon tattoo, across your back

Kazuma Kiryu's dragon tattoo

Kazuma Kiryu's dragon tattoo

This one actually launched earlier this month but we hadn’t noticed it until now – and you’ve only got until midnight March 27th (Australian time), to enter.

…and yes, they’re serious. The Terms and Conditions explain that the ink will be applied by a “fully licensed tattoo artist” (phew), selected by SEGA and located in the nearest capital city or major urban centre to the winner.

Some more reassuring details:

The final tattoo will be a complete replica of Kazuma Kiryu’s back dragon from the Yakuza series of video games. Minor adjustments may be made to the artwork, at the discretion of the tattoo artist, to best suit it to the winner’s body shape.

SEGA also hold the rights to “photograph and record the winner” at the announcement of the prize, during tattooing and following completion of the tattoo – without time limits – and may use these photographs and recordings for marketing purposes.

It’s bound to be a pretty intense experience – while many backpieces take years to complete, this 35-40 hour ‘masterpiece’ will be completed in approximately 10 consecutive weekly sessions, at the discretion of the tattoo artist. Every entrant must accept that there are “inherent risks” associated with tattooing, and ensure that they are both over 18, and medically suitable to receive the prize. No room for wimps!

We’ll keep an eye on this one to see how it pans out, but – honestly – I don’t see it ending prettily.

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