John Rau new SA Attorney-General

John Rau

John Rau

Claiming victory in the recent state election, South Australian Premier Mike Rann has announced his new cabinet, and has put a relative newcomer to the party in the prestigious role of Attorney-General.

John Rau has represented the district of Enfield since he was elected in 2002, and he won 53% of the primary vote over the weekend. Prior to his personal involvement in politics, Rau worked as an adviser to various Hawke government ministers, as well as running a private legal practice in Adelaide, lawyer dealing in industrial, employment, commercial and personal injuries law. Rau is married with three children, and lists gardening, cooking and reading non-fiction among his hobbies.

Amusingly enough, the district of Enfield is directly north of the district of Croydon, where former Attorney-General (and well-known despiser of gamers) Michael Atkinson called home.

We are not yet sure of Mr. Rau’s position on the introduction of an Australian R18+ rating for video games, but we have heard from Chris Prior from Gamers 4 Croydon , who claims that:

New SA Attorney-General is John Rau, a supporter or the R18+ classification for games (and a nice guy, to boot)

Good to hear!

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