WoW chalks up 3.3.3

Blizzard have released a shiny new update, bringing World of Warcraft up to v3.3.3.

World of Warcraft: Murkimus

I'm Murkimus!

This time around, the patch focusses mostly on class balance tweaks (sure to upset as many as they delight) and some battleground changes – including the introduction of random battlegrounds for Level 80s!

…but the piece that grabbed us is an update that will only directly affect people who took part in the 2009 Arena Tournament. Those lucky participants were given a Murkimus pet just for taking part – and, with new tweaks introduced with 3.3.3, the pet will be added to their entire account, including any extra WoW characters you might own.

Bashiok can explain it better:

If you previously claimed a Murkimus code for one character on an account this change will mean that all characters on that account, as well as characters on any other World of Warcraft licenses registered to the same account, will receive a Murkimus in their in-game mailboxes.

With this change you’ll finally be able to play any of your characters, stand up defiantly, and exclaim “I’m Murkimus!”

If you want to grab a copy of the 3.3.3 patch, and don’t necessarily want to rely on the Blizzard downloader, head over to WoWWiki and choose your poison. We’ve also dug up the patch notes for you, if you’re the type who likes to read – or if you’d like someone to summarise it all, then head to the Patch 3.3.3 Guide.

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