Diablo III: Hello, Ms Witch Doctor

Blizzard have just announced the next new character to join the Diablo III lineup: the Female Witch Doctor. You may want to try eating an apple a day to prevent her showing up unexpectedly on your doorstep – the artists have really gone all out on this one, and she’s a pretty terrifying creature.

Female Witch Doctor from Diablo 3

Female Witch Doctor

Residents of Sanctuary have long considered the umbaru witch doctor to be nothing more than a myth, but trust me, they exist. This shaman brings with her elixirs and powders that can assault an opponent’s body and mind, creating fires and explosions and calling upon poisonous spirits.

…and then there’s that whole summoning the dead thing. That’s pretty impressive as well.

The female Witch Doctor, like her male counterpart, is a member of the Tribe of the Five Hills, from the lower Teganze. The warrior tribe is in almost constant battle with other nearby groups – the Clan of the Seven Stones and the Tribe of the Clouded Valley – but these are apparently ritual-based rather than conquest. They have to get materials for their human sacrifices somehow!

With a fearsome headdress, tools and weapons made of bone and leather, and everything decorated with feathers, the Witch Doctor was one of the first character classes announced for Diablo 3, and I’m sure this new female option won’t disappoint too many gamers.

Now, while I was doing some looking around for this story, I found something interesting: Diablo III WarCraft.

It’s a fan-made RPG created using the Warcraft World Editor, and it has one purpose in mind: to give fans something to do while they wait for Diablo III. The first map was based heavily on the Diablo III gameplay video, and even features various in-game events. Currently a little behind the times (the mod aims to feature every known class in the upcoming release, but currently only includes one gendered-versions of the Barbarian, Witch Doctor and Wizard), D3W is freely available to any gamer who has a copy of Warcraft 3 and the Frozen Throne expansion – it will run quite happily via battle.net.

Think of it as hack’n’slash fiction, maybe.

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