Some cheaters get banned. Others get stabbed.

Just when you thought it was safe to do a bit of wall-hacking, think again. A gamer accused of cheating while playing Counter-Strike in a Chinese net cafe has been stabbed in the head with a 30cm knife.

X-ray of a 30cm knife inside a gamer's skull

An x-ray showing the extent of the injury

A bunch of kids had been watching the 17-year old boy allegedly see through walls as he played the game, and – predictably – they accused him of hax. An argument began and the youths took it outside, continuing their brawl on the footpath before one of them pulled out a foot-long blade and thrust it into the gamer’s left temple. Apparently, the only thing preventing the knife from exiting his head was the fact it hit the other side of his skull.

The assailants fled and the gamer was taken to hospital – still fully conscious – and doctors chose to operate immediately, taking more than two hours to completely remove the weapon.

In a result the doctors are describing as being a one in 10,000 chance, the blade actually missed hitting the major arteries inside the brain, and even though it passed through anatomical regions generally associated with motor control, his functions were not impaired.

Photograph from the operating table

The gamer on the operating table

In fact, the biggest problem now facing the gamer is that the knife used hadn’t been cleaned well, so he is being kept under observation in case fragments of rust cause complications after being left inside his brain.

…as if it wasn’t bad enough that a near-fatal fight had broken out on the premises, we hear the net cafe was a popular hangout for young people, as it did not require stringent ID checks. The Chinese government has placed a number of restrictions on gaming establishments, so all of this news coverage will place the cafe under an unwanted spotlight. At least the boy’s okay though, right?

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