Australian zombies protest lack of R18+

Australian lobby group Aus Gamers United have organised a gathering which aims to raise awareness of Australia’s lack of an R18+ adult rating for video games which will feature a whole lot of people shuffling around and moaning for brains.

The Epic Zombie Marchmarch will be held on Saturday March 27th in Sydney’s Hyde Park – and it’s already caused some controversy.

…the serious reason we’re putting the walk together is for the lack of an R rating for video games we have here in Aus.
Someone needs to bring to attention how unfair this is to the gaming Industry and gamers ourselves.
So why not us?

This video from a similar event last year (protesting the then-recent, now-amended banning of Left 4 Dead 2) shows nearly 200 people taking part (more pictures). This year, according to Facebook, more than 1,130 guests have confirmed they will get their lurch on.

Is this really the right way to go about it? A similar rally was planned last year in South Australia with a cosplay theme, but was cancelled due to a “low expected turnout” – potentially due to the dressup aspect.

Discussions all over Twitter this morning have been vocal in their disapproval of Aus Gamers United‘s methods:

I’d like to think there are better, more mature ways to highlight the R18+ issue than playing dress ups.

Zombie rally adds fuel to fire for gamers being unsociable. Must think like baby boomers.

Not sure about the whole zombie thing. I read a comment: “makes the idiots covered in fake blood look like, well…idiots”

With two state elections looming this weekend, and South Australian attorney-general Michael Atkinson facing some stiff competition in his seat of Croydon, it really is time for gamers to start acting like grownups – voicing their disapproval through the ballot box, not a haze of fake blood.

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