Mega64 redefine Beatlemania with a little help

Last year at GDC, I was enthralled by the videos shown by Mega64. Even though I didn’t get to San Francisco this year, it’s good to know we don’t have to miss out on their unique comic stylings – as they’ve just thrown an all new video onto ye olde internets.

For your viewing pleasure, I’d like to present to you: Mega64: The Beatles Rock Band (featuring special guest!)

This isn’t the first very special guest to grace the videos of Mega64. In previous years, Shigeru Miyamoto appeared as part of a Super Mario Bros. skit, and last year – in one of my favourite games/cinema moments, Hideo Kojima developed an all-new cult following thanks to his role in a Metal Gear Solid 4 video.

However, 2010 is bigger, better, and – well – bigger than ever – and it looks like a fun year ahead for Mega64. Check out their podcast, visit their YouTube channel, and generally bask in the awesome that these guys create. You won’t regret it.

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