Boiler Room: Today’s Steam Announcements

Steam LogoIf your games do not update automatically, simply restart your Steam client and the changes should download and slot into place for you.

(Don’t know what this is all about? Steam is one of the world’s largest digital distribution platforms. It’s completely free to download, and also features DRM components, in-game communications and multiplayer functionality – making it a bit of a one-stop shop for gamers, whether they’re into the biggest AAA titles, or the hand-made indie games. One thing Steam is particularly famous for is their game update process – and playerattack aims to bring you their latest news!)

Aliens vs. Predator Swarm Map Pack Now Available

Aliens vs. Predator Swarm Map Pack is now available on Steam.

The Swarm Map Pack includes four new maps: Two new Survivor maps and two multiplayer maps for six different online modes.

The Swarm Map Pack will be available in North America tomorrow at 9 AM PST.

Supreme Commander 2 Update Released
The major changes include:

Bug Fixes and Improvements
* Private games have been replaced with Friends Only games. This means that you can mark a game as “Friends Only” and it will only be seen in your friends’ “Friends” tab
* The game browser has two new filters: Show Passworded games, and Show All Regions (both off by default)
* Added “Test Ping” to the Skirmish menu, which will simulate in game traffic volume (based on number of players) for 5 seconds. This will help players find problematic network connections before getting into a game
* Color coding on pings in skirmish lobby. When a ping is greater than 400 it will be yellow, and when greater than 500 it will be red
* Games list in the games browser can now be sorted on each column
* Cybran and Illuminate air factory veterancy fix: factories now calculate veterancy rate correctly
* Fix to ACU not firing after activating its reclaim beam, while issuing a move order
* ACUs can now be attacked while under water
* Air units are no longer damaged if they fly over an activated Magnetron

Balance and Tuning

* UEF P-Shield shield Health increased by 25%
* Universal Colossus can now also be unlocked by researching the Urchinow
* Overcharge cooldown increased to 35 seconds. Was 25
* Transport build costs increased by 50%. Reduced Health to 4000. Was 4500
* Darkenoid primary beam weapon Damage increased by 50%
* Cybran Air Radar, Cybran Air Vision, Illuminate Land Vision, UEF Air Vision, UEF Land Radar, UEF Naval Radar and UEF Naval Sonar research all reduced by 1 Research Point
* Illuminate ACU Radar boost increased to +175%. Was +100%
* UEF ACU Radar and Vision boosts increased to +150%. Was +100%
* UEF Fighter & Bomber shield Health decreased to 175. Was 200
* Gunship Speed reduced to 6. Was 8. Shield Health decreased to 150. Was 600. Build Time increased to 27. Was 24
* UEF ACU Artillery research cost increased to 6. Was 4. Damage Radius reduced to 5. Was 6
* Cybran mobile artillery Movement Speed reduced to 2.8. Was 3.2
* Cybran Carrier build cost reduction of 33% added
* All factions’ ACU AA upgrade Damage increased by 25%
* Airnomo cost decreased 10%. Health increased to 13,000. Was 10,000. AA damage increased 50%. Direct Fire damage decreased 50%
* Cybran Battleship AA Damage reduced by 40%

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight Now Available in parts of Europe!

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight takes place in the year 2062 and humanity is at the brink of extinction. Tiberium, the mysterious, alien crystalline structure that has infested Earth for decades and served as the primary reason for years of relentless conflict between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) and the Brotherhood of Nod, is close to rendering the planet uninhabitable.

Avencast: Rise of the Mage Now Available

Armed with countless combat moves and spells, and a vast arsenal of equipment you must uncover the source of this evil by vanquishing an onslaught of enemies. Treachery and deceit reveal themselves as the vicious army threatens Avencast’s very existence.

Bob Came in Pieces Update Released



* Keyboard shortcuts added to all menus
* Save Location for ships and profiles moved to new directory to prepare for coming features
* Fixed a rare issue in the Steam version where some players would get stuck in the Main Menu
* Prettier landscape and increased performance in the Main Menu
* Fixed an issue with textures when switching to desktop
* Wind areas should now work better at low FPS
* Countless small bugfixes
* Level 4 – The player now start on-top of a ship builder
* Level 4 – The background has been made darker
* Level 6 – Some grass moved to improve visibilty in the seesaw puzzle
* Level 7 – Performace no longer drops when the burnable in the last puzzle has been destroyed
* Level 8 – The last puzzle have been compleatly redesigned. The new puzzle should be more stable and easier to understand
* Level 10 – Moved the large wind area slightly up to prevent leakage into the corridor below
* Level 11 – The “5kg puzzle” is now less likely to fail
* Level 11 – Improved stability of the “Wind Cannon” puzzle
* Level 11 – The portal gate has been made more stable
* Level 12 – Fixed an exploit in the last puzzle
* Level 13 – Some graphical objects added to make some puzzles easier to understand


* Repaired the last puzzle on Chapter 8
* Made windpuzzle on Chapter 10 clearer
* Fixed a benign bug in Save As dialog


* You are now awarded Medals for fast clear times
* Hundreds of stability improvements
* Minor changes to puzzles
* Improved interface
* Improved tutorials
* Remastered music and sounds
* Chapter 6 – Large rocket replaced with Medium rocket
* Chapter 7 – Medium rocket replaced with Large rocket


* Cloud save file
* Achievements
* Leaderboards

Metro 2033 Now Available in Australia & New Zealand!

The year is 2033. An entire generation has been born and raised underground, and their besieged Metro Station-Cities struggle for survival, with each other, and the mutant horrors that await outside.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Update Released
The major changes include:


* SecuROM is no longer present

Single Player

* Fixed: Graphical issues on some systems on SP_03 (at start and when displaying background mountains at Up river)
* Fixed: Character voice issue during cut scenes in SP_03b (only affected Spanish)
* Fixed: Hang when killed using TOW Launchers in SP_05
* Fixed: Graphical issue on some systems on SP_05 (displaying background mountains)
* Fixed: Voice volume in cut scenes on SP_06
* Fixed: Unexpected dialog at start of SP_08 (only affected Italian)
* Fixed: Random crash in SP_09 cut scenes

Multi Player

* Fixed: Server Browser – Joining a password protected server results in a connection timeout
* Fixed: Server Browser auto updating server list when reopened causing a timeout issue
* Fixed: Password issue during Friend invites
* Fixed: Password text field issue on joining a password protected server
* Fixed: Flickering ship on Arica Harbor
* Fixed: Clan tags that use numbers in them displaying a 0 on the Select Spawn Point screen
* Fixed: Display issue on long server names
* Fixed: Mortar Strike icon not updating (Beta issue)
* Fixed: No Exit Game menu option appearing at the end of some rounds.
* Fixed: Flickering user rank icon (appeared as an animated gif) when user reaches rank 10.
* Fixed: Flickering trees and Red Box on Laguna Presa
* Fixed: User is logged out when failing to create a new soldier
* Fixed: Zeus stationary weapon not appearing in stats
* Fixed: Zu23 not appearing in stats
* Fixed: BMD3 AA not appearing in stats
* Fixed: Friend request displaying incorrect Veteran stats
* Fixed: End of Round screen displayed incorrect UAV_Station now displays correct localized text.
* Fixed: K/D ratio displays in the Front End
* Fixed: K/D ratio displays correctly when comparing
* Change: Server browser now defaults to list via Ping first
* Change: News Ticker font support for Spanish, Polish, Russian and Japanese
* Change: New message for server full (reported as I get no message when I try and join a server, it does nothing)
* Change: New message displayed for attempting to join a password protected server without providing a password (reported as I get no message when I try and join a server, it does nothing;)
* Change: Displays version number on Front End Legal Screen
* Change: Display of weapon icon during loading screen

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